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Prescott:8mm | Tungsten Ring Olympus: 8mm | Tungsten Ring Ramses: 8mm | Tungsten Ring

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Sale Price: $50.00

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Sale Price: $50.00

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Sale Price: $50.00
Discount Black Tungsten Rings for Men Olympus - Tungsten Carbide Ring Discount Tungsten Wedding Ring

Discount Tungsten Rings & Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten rings are a superior choice for anyone who values high quality jewelry that will last a lifetime. This is because of the visual aesthetic appeal and virtually indestructible design. Why would anyone settle for alternatives such as silver rings, gold rings, or platinum rings when tungsten has all of the best properties you can find anywhere? There is so much variety in the styles and designs of these rings that tungsten rings are quickly becoming the most desired wedding bands and rings. With all of these ring styles and options, you are sure to find something that is truly perfect for your unique tastes.

Tungsten carbide is the latest cutting-edge metal to reach the jewelry market. Our tungsten rings and wedding bands have a brilliant high polish and/or a fabulous brush finish. We offer hundreds of options including black tungsten carbide rings, tungsten rings with inlays, tungsten carbide with diamonds, and faceted tungsten carbide rings.

Our tungsten ring features include:
  • Comfort fit
  • Superior nickel-binder hypoallergenicic alloy, free of any cobalt. (Rings containing cobalt have a higher chance of chipping or cracking).
  • Ultra high polished finish to last a lifetime
  • Virtually un-scratchable: 18 times harder than gold rings, 4 times harder than titanium rings, 5 times harder than tool steel.
Tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands are made to last a lifetime. We offer our ZANDER Tungsten lifetime guarantee on all our tungsten rings. If there is ever a scratch or chip, we will replace it for free.

Tungsten Rings vs. Tungsten Carbide Rings

What is the difference between tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings? There is a great deal of confusion regarding the differences between a tungsten ring and a tungsten carbide ring. Both terms describe the same wonderful product. Why are we confusing the ring world by using two terms? In actuality, all of these rings and wedding bands have at their core a material know as tungsten carbide. This is a ceramic material that is extremely strong and durable which when polished looks elegant and classy. But most people expect rings, or anything polished for that matter, to be made of metal. Because of this, and because many people like abbreviated phrases, the term tungsten ring has won out in the end. So don't be fooled - a tungsten ring has the same properties as a tungsten carbide ring. No matter which term the vendor is using, so long as it is authentic, it is definitely good.

SavoryStone.com offers ZANDER tungsten carbide rings and bands or as we now can say tungsten rings and bands. These are tungsten rings for men and tungsten rings for women. Our formula is guaranteed to not cut any corners by adding less costly binding agents to the tungsten carbide formula. We use a nickel binding agent instead of a cobalt binder. Our nickel-binder is hypoallergenic and offers a comfort feel with the security of extreme durability.

We are confident you will find a tungsten ring or wedding band that is right for you. We are also confident we have the lowest prices on quality tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands that will last a lifetime. Search for tungsten rings for men and tungsten rings for women.